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Where Does The Energy Come From?

Our paleo energy bars are perfect for individuals of all ages seeking a healthier and delicious food alternative to stay energetic throughout the day. People who truly care about eating clean and staying fit in the outdoors will be able to see that our energy bars are made with all natural and raw ingredients sourced from the Earth.

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Here's a few ingredients that make our energy bars so nutritious and healthy:

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All Raw & Organic Ingredients

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Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT)

These concentrated oils are extracted from a coconut, which can be easily absorbed by the body delivering energy and sharp mental awareness almost instantly.

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Tree Nut Oils & Cacao

We incorporate three kinds of nuts – cashews, walnuts, & pistachios – and cacao into our energy bars that have transformative health benefits that go beyond the lasting energy.
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Yucca (root vegetable often found in Central and South America)

This carbohydrate is recognized as one of the cleanest carbohydrates on this Earth and has the ability to be rapidly absorbed by your body. This root vegetable delivers glycogen to the muscles to supply yourself with a sufficient amount of energy. Not only is it known to enhance your immune system due to its high vitamin C levels, but it’s beneficial to your skin health as it contains a high amount of folic-acid content.

What Makes it Different?

The D’S Primal Bar is completely different from a protein bar. While protein bars have higher levels of protein to help build and maintain body muscle, they are unable to provide the necessary nutrition our bodies need to function properly each day. The organic flavor and texture of our energy bars are sourced directly from nature and cater to individuals who desire a daily dose of nutrition in a uniquely tasty treat. With no processed ingredients whatsoever, your mind and body will give you the nod of approval with energy and focus that’s truly long-lasting.

Freshly baked every day and packaged in small batches.

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Where To Find Our Primal Bar?