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Our Story

About Us

Our founder and energy bar creator, Dave Decker, believes that sufficient nutrition and quality fitness go hand in hand. Through years of researching more paleo eating options and a growing need for long-lasting energy to supplement his own active lifestyle, Dave’s Serious™ came to fruition. Due to his love of supporting his local community, he felt the desire to let others in on the nutritious value and health benefits of the D’S Primal Bar, too, and began baking them in small batches and distributing them locally.

We bake our bars in-house at our family-facility and jam pack a blend of superfoods in them, which will help you obtain the nutrition your mind and body needs for optimal performance in any activity. With ingredients that are all raw, natural, and unprocessed, you can experience the many health benefits our energy bars have to offer while never growing tired of its delicious taste.

Dave packing up the primal bars
Dave's Serious, LLC Packaging on a Chair

Our Vision

Just as we are devoted to delivering sufficient energy and nutrition with our paleo energy bars, we keep an eye out for other grassroots causes who desire to help the community in a number of ways as well. For those who stand out in inspirational ways by helping the community and humanity, our primal bar proceeds will be given to good causes in an effort to grow the community for the better.

Our Mission

Here at Dave’s, it’s our mission to deliver on our promise of real energy and enhanced focus with our premium energy bar. Our primal bar is the perfect nutritious treat for ambitious athletes and people who are always on-the-go, as it will provide the support they need in their journey toward a healthier lifestyle and an overall improved fitness routine.

Dave's Serious, LLC Packaging

Where To Find Us

Train hard, play hard, and eat clean. Find our energy bars at your local store, fitness center or farmer’s market. Check out a location nearest to you to get a taste of every single energy-filled golden bite! Dave’s Serious™ is licensed with the Virginia Department of Agriculture for unlimited commercial sales – retail and online – nationwide.

Our Team

Dave Decker, Founder
Our Founder

Dave Decker

Dave is a natural outdoors-man, falconer, and has been an athlete for over fifty years. He calls nature his second home as he runs, bikes, hikes, skis, fishes, hunts, surfs and overall trains hard day-to-day. As he is often immersed in nature taking part in his favorite physical activities, his need for intense mental focus and sustained energy drove him to create the naturally delicious D’S Primal Bar in the heart of his home.



Field sports and outdoor activities have been Jimmy’s passions all of his life. He played football and baseball through his college years. Sports have always been his outlet for fun and rejuvenation. He enjoys the sunshine and the sweat, and he likes great food and a good glass of red wine. As an athletic coach and a fitness trainer, now in his early thirties, he finds joy in helping others to achieve their fitness goals. Jimmy’s excited to take his passions into healthy nutrition to help active people fuel their adventures.

Jimmy, Partner
Jared Lampal, Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer & Head of Branding

Jared Lampal

Jared attends Colgate University as a member of the class of 2021. He is pursuing a degree in Psychology and Studio Art and is passionate about branding, design and the intersection of art and psychology. Jared has been involved with Dave’s Serious™ from its inception and currently serves as a graphic designer and the head of branding. A Northern Virginia native, he enjoys hiking, cooking and spending time with friends. More of his design work can be found on his website:

Emily Decker

Emmy Decker is currently studying environmental sciences at The University of Tampa. She is passionate about animals and the outdoors. An avid surfer, snowboarder and hiker, Emmy has been in the outdoors with her dad since early childhood. Emmy and Dave are always competing for clean waves, fresh lines through powder, and the first to the summit. Em has also been an integral part of the development of Dave’s Serious recipes and looks forward to helping create the full product line.
Emily Decker

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